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Are you planning a conference, managers' meeting, sales meeting or employee meeting? Why not make Leadership the theme of the event? Everyone can benefit by developing leadership qualities, and what better theme can you choose for a business meeting? You'll need a keynote speaker to set the tone and get everyone clearly focused on what leadership is and why it's critical for your organization right now. Why not bring Roger Reece in to deliver that keynote presentation?

A Leadership Keynote Customized for Your Group

Roger Reece is a dynamic motivational speaker, and can customize a leadership keynote presentation specifically for your group.

Roger will set up a conference call with you and key people in your organization to discuss your business, your objectives and the key leadership issues to focus on in the presentation. Then he'll send you a detailed outline for the presentation so you'll know exactly what will be covered.

Roger's speaking style is natural, fun and filled with humor, but very focused on the behavioral changes required for effective leadership. His presentations include personal stories, colorful illustrations and creative use of powerful multimedia imagery. He gets everyone involved as he moves through the audience with a microphone, involving audience members in the presentation. His detailed research and preparation are always evident as he makes every point relevant for your group. With every presentation he delivers a call to action, focusing on ownership and a commitment to personal and organizational growth.

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An Opening, Closing or Dinner Presentation

Roger Reece can be the opening speaker at your meeting or conference, getting everyone mentally charged up for the program, or he can be the closing speaker, sending the audience home on the right note. If you are planning to include a dinner or awards banquet, you might also consider Roger as your after-dinner speaker. Contact us for Roger's fees for a single presentation or a package. Your package can include multiple presentations, breakout sessions and training modules.

Buford Fuddwhacker Onstage


Two Motivational Speakers
for the Price of One

Why settle for just one motivational speaker when you can have two for the price of one? If you decide to bring Roger Reece in to deliver a motivational keynote on Leadership, you can have a second motivational speaker at no extra charge: Roger's alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.

When selecting a motivational speaker, you always have a choice to make: humor or substance. Humor is important, and most speakers can generate a few smiles and chuckles, but some speakers get the big laughs. Those big laughs go a long way in changing the mood of the audience and generating real positive energy. But many big-laugh speakers lack any real substance. So you generally have to make a choice between humor and substance. But not with Roger and Buford. Roger delivers substance with smiles and chuckles, and Buford goes for the big laughs.

If you select Roger & Buford as your motivational speaker tag team, Buford will open the program with music, a kazoo band (your audience), big-laugh motivational humor and hilarious audience participation. Buford is the perfect parody of the polyester, glad-hander motivational speaker. He's also a world-famous inventor, and he fills the room with positive-attitude babble and bizarre inventions. Within minutes, Buford recruits volunteers from the audience to assist him on stage, and audience members are transformed into Elvis impersonators, American Idol contestants or Chicken Dance instructors.

After Buford's over-the-top opening, he morphs into Roger Reece, and the substance is delivered. In Roger's message on Leadership, he quotes Buford Fuddwhacker several times and focuses on the value of leadership and personal behavioral change. Then at the end, Buford returns with another round of big-laugh country humor, audience participation, and a music-filled, motivational grand finale. Where else can you get two motivational speakers for the price of one? The Roger-Buford combination really works with a crowd-pleasing blend of substance and humor. Visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website (www.funmotivationalkeynotespeaker.com) for more information.

Make Your Leadership Workshop a Big Event

You're not planning a conference or business meeting? Then plan a standalone Leadership Training workshop, but make it a big event. You don't need a big crowd to make it a big event. You just need a little fanfare. Let Buford Fuddwhacker open the leadership training workshop with a big-laugh introduction, and bring him back midway through the workshop and for a grand finale at the end. Bring conference quality to your training workshop, and watch the humor-substance combination transform the leadership workshop into a big event that will be long-remembered by every participant.

Do you need a large audience for a big event? Not really. Roger & Buford are a great combination for workshops with as few as 6 participants, to conferences of 4000 or more. What makes it big is the immersive, seamless combination of humor and substance that result in big changes in the participants themselves. Contact us today to plan a big event for your group.



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